Jake passed his Canine Good Citizens Test

Jun 30, 2019 | Pets

Jake passed his Canine Good Citizen test!!!!  Yeahhhh!!!  Thomas and I are very proud of him.  It was so hot on Saturday for Jake but he powered through.  I brought his travel bowl and made sure he had fresh water to drink.  As you can see by the look on his face, he was exhausted when he got home. I was able to snap a photo before he laid his head down and fell asleep for almost an hour.  

Jake has such a funny personality but is also very stubborn.  When he decides to lay down, there is no moving him.  He is dead weight and doesn’t budge an inch.  haa haa. 

Now that both Jake and Maggie have passed their tests, we can pay their AKC fees for CGC registration and move on to doing some volunteer work.  Some organizations may require more in-depth training which we can surely do.  The pups loved training and got very excited when we arrived at the training facility for their sessions!

Can you believe June is over and it’s July already!  This summer is flying by.  We are getting ready for the 4th?  What is everyone doing for the big day?  I got the pups some cute red, white, and blue lays to wear and will make sure I take lots of pictures!!  Thanks for all of the congratulations and good lucks for the dogs taking and passing their tests!  

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