Misty Pines Dog Park

Aug 25, 2019 | Travel

I recently had a birthday and always joke that the entire month of August is my birthday.  Since that’s the case, Thomas asked what I wanted to do this weekend and I said… spend the day with the dogs.  I suggested a fun-filled day of going to Misty Pines Dog Park, lunch at the Sewickley Hotel, and then home to relax before a dinner out at Pizzaiolo Primo downtown Pittsburgh for just the two of us.  Check out how much fun Jake and Maggie had at the park.  
Misty Pines Dog Park is a great place to take your dog for playtime, training, boarding, and grooming.  The staff is friendly and the facilities are clean and well taken care of.  For a fee of $7.00 per dog, you can enjoy the pond, walking trails and fenced in yard and agility course.  Jake and Maggie had a ball running around but weren’t to interested in the agility part of it all.  I pre-registered on-line the day before so the paperwork was minimal.  Make sure you bring your pet’s up-to-date rabies and vaccinations with you because they cannot enter the park otherwise.  

​Could Maggie’s tongue be any longer in this picture?  LOL

Jake wasn’t thrilled with the agility but did make friends with a golden retriever about his age!
What a beautiful day it was to visit the park.  Sunny but breezy with lots of shade.  Here I am trying to get Jake and Maggie to look at Thomas taking the picture.  Wasn’t going very well.  haa haa 
This is Maggie and Jake at the Sewickley Hotel for lunch.  This was our first time there for lunch and we really enjoyed it.  The first four tables are designated for pets and their owners on the restaurant’s patio.  It’s a quaint little place and they really cater to dogs.  They put out fresh bowls of water which the pups lapped up!  Thomas got a Chicken Caesar Salad and I got a Pittsburgh Chicken Salad with ranch dressing.  Jake and Maggie just got groomed on Friday at Paradise Paws in Tonidale, PA.  They look so shiny!  Paradise Paws always does a great job.  The dogs love it there and get so excited when we get into the parking lot.  
Can you tell the pups are getting tired?  haa haa. This is them waiting for us to pay for parking in Sewickley.
When we got home, guess what Jake and Maggie headed for?…..their beds :-). 
Thomas made reservations and surprised me by taking me into town to the market district to Pizzaiolo Primo for dinner.  Isn’t he romantic!!  I loved it.  We had a beautiful night and enjoyed a glass of Merlot and Moscato.  Thomas got the Salmon and I got the handmade in-house Gnocchi with marinara sauce which was DELICIOUS!!!  We got an appetizer of fried Brussel sprouts and took the rest home to have today as a side with our steaks on the grill.  We shared the homemade Tiramisu and OMG…so good!!!  I highly recommend going to Pizzaiolo Primo if you get the chance!
Pizzaiolo Primo is known for their wood fired grilled pizzas and I can’t wait to go back and try one!!  Too bad we don’t have a picture of the two of us all dressed up!!  Next time I’ll get one!  And we will definitely be taking Jake and Maggie back to Misty Pines Dog Park.  It was a bit of a drive from our house (45 minutes) but it was worth it to see their happy faces and the four of us enjoying our day together. 

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