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Apr 6, 2020 | Beauty, Life

We had a very productive weekend mowing grass, cleaning and setting up our porch and patio, and spending time with Jake and Maggie.  They absolutely love playing frisbee in the yard and just hanging with us.  With all this time on my hands, I’m having fun taking personality quizzes, researching (shopping) on-line and answering social distancing and post social distancing questions.  Want to know more about me, the dogs, and some products I’m currently using?  Check out this blog post!  Enjoy!  I would love to hear your answers to these questions!!  Comment below and let me know!  Want to see more about Two Adorable Labs, check out my Instagram page @twoadorablelabs and my Pinterest boards at

"When the world doesn't see you,...a dog does, you are their world"

I found this Story Template by @leahferezan and thought it would be fun to participate.  I also answered a personality questionnaire and based on the results, I’m an Introvert who loves “data” over “people”.  LOL!

Social Distancing:

What I’m Doing – I’m currently working at home on my blog, working on house projects, spending time with Thomas, reading, working on my cookbook, my on-line store (just added tea from Puppy Paws Coffee Company), cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing, teaching Jake and Maggie new tricks (Maggie can High 5 now and they can both turn in circles among many more tricks they already know)

What I Wish I Was Doing – I don’t wish I was doing anything else.  I’m currently enjoying my time at home with Thomas.  Fortunately we are in a state where we are not locked own.  I’m finding everything we need at Walmart and Kroger.

Binge Watching – We are binge watching Ozark, Dead Files, and Ghost Adventures!  We love our paranormal shows!

Who I’m Quarantined With – My husband Thomas and our two labradors, Jake and Maggie

What I’m Panic Buying – I had a bit of a panic attack over toilet paper but after stocking up, I feel more in control now.  LOL!

Post Social Distancing:

First Place I want to Travel To – Tennessee.  We are taking a trip from WV to Nashville, TN to Asheville, NC, to Virginia and back home to WV with the dogs!  I can’t wait.  Of course we had to post pone our trip but will probably go end of summer/fall timeframe.  We are exploring all the dog friendly places, restaurants, hotels, and cabins!!!

First Shop I Want To Support – Honestly, small businesses!

First Person I Want To Hug – My husband.  He is my rock!  Then Jake and Maggie of course :-).

First Public Gathering You Want To Attend – I’m having a birthday party for the dogs at the house.  Their birthday is June 8th and I’m baking a “pup cake” like I did last year…see post HERE!  I’m crossing my fingers we will be able to have it.  If not, I’ll reschedule for later in the summer.

Tired from playing frisbee!

The pups had been out all morning playing frisbee and helping us work around the house!  In this picture, they decided to take a break.  Jake found a bug to play with and Maggie heard me say “dental chew”.  LOL!

Some products I’m loving and some good hair advice from Ulta Beauty!

I had to run to Walmart last week and made a quick pit stop in the makeup isle to grab some cuticle cream from Burt’s Bees.  My cuticles get so dry and without this product, they tear and crack.  This got me thinking about how many of us are keeping up our daily routines! I have to be honest here…this quarantine has not affected our lifestyle to much.  We are very much homebodies and we are enjoying Thomas not having to travel.  We are both working from home and I make sure I get up every day and put makeup on.  I can’t say that I’m in total on-point fashion from head to toe nor can I say my hair is not in a clip but if someone came to the door right now, I would’t have to run and hide :-). As I type this, I have my earrings on (Thank you, my makeup on (Thank you, and I’m having a pretty good hair day!  I found a great shampoo that I love for my fine and very colored blonde hair called Argon Oil of Morocco from Walmart and I use it every other day.  I also love that it is sulfate free and cruelty free which is very important to me.

With the stores closed, ordering on-line is very convenient.  I’ve been able to receive everything I’ve ordered with minimal delays.  I’m a fan of Sephora and Ulta Beauty so where do you think I was searching this weekend????  Before finding my Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner, my hair would have a tendency to get dry.  Ulta met with their top design team stylists to ask questions about their daily routines on keeping their hair happy and healthy during this quarantine so I thought I’d post some of the Q & A.

  • How are you caring for your hair these days?  Having natural curly hair, when it starts to frizz, keep a water bottle near by with an oil serum.  Spritz your hair to keep out the frizz.  Do not cut your own hair at home.  If you have short hair that is puffing up, spray it down with hairspray and then use your hands to flatten it down.
  • What have you added to your routine?  Detoxifying scalp scrubs.  Scrubs promote a healthy scalp and aid in helping your hair to grown out.


  • What products are you using on a daily basis?  A sheen spray for textured hair.  If your hair gets dry, this helps to keep it moisturized.
  • What’s the most important thing we can do for our hair?  Love your hair.  Protect it.  Moisturize it and leave it in a braid.

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  1. Sharon

    One good thing about this is I have never seen so many dogs and people walking everyday. There are almost no cars on the street, but dozens of dogs with their people! Gus and I are constant walkers and always have been . NOw we have to do a lot of crisscrossing on the street so we keep our social distance. Gus does enjoy all the new smells out there!
    Makeup: Trying to conserve it so using sparingly.
    Hair: happy it is short and really happy I don’t have to worry about roots anymore. I do miss my hairdresser though.
    Favorite binge watching: Heartland (Bobbi Jo I think of you and your youth with horses when I watch it)
    Okay, Jake and Maggie, Gus says hello.

    • Bobbi

      Awh that is awesome! Yes, MO is a great place to live with your dog. Very dog friendly. Speaking of hair…I think I’m going to have to do a touch up here soon! Yikes! Hello back to Gus from Jake and Maggie 🙂


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