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Sep 14, 2019 | Beauty

I’ve been MIA on my blog posts but I’ve been here the whole time.  The problem is that I made my website using Weebly and they only allow me so many posts a month!  I had used up my allotted postings and then had to wait for a new month to begin.  Yes, I could upgrade, which I have but I’m not upgrading again.  Why you ask…well, I’m working with an amazing web designer to give my site an overhaul but I can’t reveal anything yet!!  Stay tuned for my launch date!  I’m so excited about this project I’ve been working on over the last month!  

In my down time from blogging, the pups have been helping me make jewelry for my show coming up November 2nd.  I had my own custom jewelry business for over 8 years and quit to start Two Adorable Labs.  After looking at how much product I still had, I decided to get in on one more show.  Wish me luck!!  I have enjoyed doing this show because it is for the Weirton Women’s Club and the proceeds go to helping the local area high school art department.

We have also been very busy with fall cleaning, decorating, and shopping!  Stay tuned for more on my “pumpkin table” in this week’s post.

“Jake and Maggie helping me make jewelry”

“Made a trip to Kroger with the monsters to get ingredients for an apple pie!!!  “Love pumpkin pie and apple pie in the fall”
“More on my pumpkin table this week”. “Jake and Maggie made sure to get in on the action!”  

“Maggie helping me clean out my master closet”.

“Jake helping me wash the vehicles”

“Maggie helping me wash Thomas’ company car”

We missed all of you and are back ready to put out more posts!  As always, if you have anything you are interested in reading about, don’t hesitate to shoot me a note!  

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