19 Winter Activities To Do With Your Dog

Nov 29, 2021 | Tips and Tricks

This is a re-post.  I have also included links for my cat loving friends!  
Happy Monday everyone!!!  19 Winter activities to do with your dog.  December is almost here and that means cold blistering weather, fires burning, lights twinkling and a bored pup who wants to go outside and play!  Jake and Maggie love to play frisbee in the snow but I always feel bad that this is all we do with them come winter time.  I’ve put together a list of fun activities that you and your dog can share together in the fun.  I also did a fun post a while back “Games You Can Play With Your Dog” for your viewing.  After doing my research I was happy to find that some of these we have done before and others I never thought of.  So I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.  Comment below and let me know if you have a fun activity you and your pup enjoy during the cold weather months.
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Try giving your pup a treat-dispensing toys like the Buster Cube or using a slow feeder like the Outward Hound Fun Feeder.  These dog dishes look more like mazes than bowls and will keep your pups brain engaged while they eat.  I’m sure you pup will love the Kong Wobbler filled with their favorite treat or a spoonful of peanut butter (sugar free of course).  
Play Hide-N-Seek with their treats or food.  Place their treats around the house and let them go fetch.  I play tricks every morning with the dogs and their reward is their kibble.  I purposely drop pieces of their kibble on our patterned rugs for them to sniff out and find.  They love it.
Stair Climbing.  If you’ve got a pup with lots of energy, running up and down the stairs with them can get both of your blood pumping.  Toss their favorite toy or treat up the steps and let them go.  If you have a dog with joint issues or health issues, this may not be the best activity for them.
Bubbles!  Yes, blowing bubbles and letting your dog catch them as they fall.  Make sure you get the pet-friendly kind like Puppy Love Bubbles on Amazon.  The easiest and most common homemade dog-safe bubbles are the one that uses Dawn dish soap and water. Combine the water and dishwashing liquid in a cup, bottle or dish. Stir gently to combine. Blow bubbles!
Fetch.  Playing fetch in your house if you’ve got a long hallway or spacious room.  Throw a toy up in the air or down the hall and let your pup go!  Maggie loves for me to throw her rope up in the air so she can catch it over and over again!
Make an indoor agility course. Using chairs, blankets, broomsticks, hula hoops, and other objects that you already have around your house, you can create a course and then spend time training your dog to navigate it. Just make sure that whatever you set up is stable enough that it won’t be knocked over as your pup works his way through.
Dog Activities | www.twoadorablelabs.com
Take a class. Find out what is available in your area. Many communities offer agility classes, flyball, and even doggie swimming pools! Any of these would be perfect opportunities for you and your dog to beat the winter blues.  If you are from or live near the Pittsburgh area, Misty Pines is a great indoor/outdoor dog park and training center to take your pet for socialization and training.

Enjoy the Winter Wonderland.  There is really no substitute for spending time outside with your dog. Even if it’s cold, taking him for a walk every day is still one of the best ways to keep him healthy.  Just make sure you both wear protective clothing as to not get frost bite.  Jake And Maggie love playing frisbee in the snow.  See my post Why Do Dogs Like To Roll In The Snow.

Build A Snow Maze!  To make a snow maze for your dog, simply create narrow pathways in your yard with a snow shovel. Then connect the pathways in fun, twisty patterns like a maze. Once you create your maze, release your dog and watch him navigate through the pathways.  Not only will your dog get plenty of exercise running through the maze, but he will also get mental stimulation from trying to find his way out. Be sure to make your snow maze in a fenced-in area where your dog cannot get away. Otherwise, keep your dog on a long leash.
Go Skijoring. If you love to ski and your dog loves to run, skijoring may be the perfect winter activity for both of you! It’s cross-country skiing with a little momentum help from your dog. The best of both worlds. 

Spa Day!  Everyone loves a spa day.  I know Jake And Maggie love theirs because they start getting excited as soon as we enter Paradise Paws in Tonidale, PA parking lot!  Whether you take your pet to a groomer or have a spa day at home, you both will enjoy it because you are doing it together.
Dog Activities | www.twoadorablelabs.com
Relax by the fire.  This one would be for Jake.  He loves a fresh clean blanket right out of the dryer, laying between me and the back of the couch and doesn’t care what is on TV!  He’s fast asleep and snoring.
Teach a new trick.  Jake And Maggie know several commands and tricks.   They love learning something new and love getting rewarded with something healthy like a carrot, blueberry, or zucchini.  Our morning routine involves “playing tricks” with the end result being put in their “place command” and then “free” and getting a dental chew by Get Naked.
Bring your dog with you to do household chores.  Jake And Maggie love being with Mr. TAL and I doing whatever we are doing.  Shovel your driveway and sidewalks and let your pet enjoy the activity with you.  Be careful not to slide on any ice.  A few years ago, a friend told me about a great ice melter product and I was thrilled to have found it.  See my blog post Safe Paw Ice Melter.
Put on DogTV for your pet.  DogTV has a free trial and if you like it and want to subscribe, there are two options.  Annual subscription is $6.99/month and monthly subscription is $9.99/month.
Sled pulling.  Got a dog that loves to pull the sled, let them go sledding with you!
Dog Activities | www.twoadorablelabs.com
Create a new meal or treat with your dog.  There are so many dog safe recipes out there including my treats under Treat Recipe Archives that you can make with your pet right beside you.  Try sitting them at the counter and letting them watch you, putting them in their “place command” and waiting to be served or just having them in the kitchen waiting to do a taste test.  When we put the dogs through their Therapy Dog Training, our trainer told us that putting a dog in a “place” command burns more mental calories than physical calories and is a better way to wear them out.  Also see The Benefits Of Therapy Dogs In Schools.
Play frisbee in the snow.  We always buy Jake And Maggie the Kong Frisbees in red via www.petsuppliesplus.com and Chewy.com.
Go on a mini winter vacation and stay in a dog friendly hotel, chalet, or cabin.  Gopetfriendly.com has some great ideas for dog friendly travel destinations along with tips and tricks on traveling with your pet.  I’ve done a few older posts on traveling with your pet…see here:
Dog Activities | www.twoadorablelabs.com
I hope you enjoyed this post packed full of information from traveling with your pet, pet activities, recipe and product links, and links to related resources (see below).  
The next month will be packed full of holiday posts for both humans and our furry friends.  For my new subscribers, I welcome you and thank you all for reading and commenting.  If there is anything you would like me to research for you or any DIY posts you would like me to blog about, don’t hesitate to contact me.    I would be more than happy to help you.
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See any photos you like, please feel free to pin them.  Any recipes you like, feel free to pin, rate, or print them.  And again, thank you so much!
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I love hearing from all of you and do my best to respond to each and every one of you.  I always enjoy your comments, feedback, and suggestions so keep them coming!  If I’ve posted a recipe (for our human and our furry friends) and you try it, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @twoadorablelabs and use #twoadorablelabs​.

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