Pumpkin Pup Cups

Aug 10, 2021 | Pets, Treat Recipes

This is a re-post.  Fall is here and although the weather is getting colder, this Pumpkin Pup Cup is so fun and festive for your little fur baby.  A healthy, frozen, treat for your pup to enjoy on a sunny fall day.  I might just make this again and use applesauce in place of pumpkin.  I’ll keep you posted if I do!  
Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you are on your way to a wonderful weekend and as promised in Wednesday’s post, here is my Pumpkin Pup Cup for all those fur babies out there!  The recipe is super simple, super healthy, and fun for your pup to enjoy!  Wondering if your pup can have pumpkin?  Check out my previous post on The Benefits Of Giving Your Dog Pumpkin.  Wondering if dogs can eat bananas and peanut butter?  Check out my posts here and here!  Another great recourse for healthy treats and if they are doggie safe is The Proud Dog Mom.
Pumpkin Pup Cup | www.twoadorablelabs.com
Pumpkin Pup Cup | www.twoadorablelabs.com
If you have a blender and these simple ingredients, you can make this treat in no time.  It takes several hours for the pup cups to freeze and you can tell I was a little bit inpatient as these treats were not all the way frozen when I took the last photo.  I bought these 9 fl oz paper cups last year at Walmart to celebrate Jake and Maggie’s birthday.  It pays to buy extra because I thought they were so fun for this treat plus won’t hurt the pups when devouring their treat.  The Pumpkin Pup Cup slid out with no trouble at all and that’s great if you want to give them one on a plate outside without the cup getting in the way.  Tip:  It is best to give these outside as they make quite a mess!
Pumpkin Pup Cup | www.twoadorablelabs.com
Pumpkin Pup Cup | www.twoadorablelabs.com
Mix ripe bananas, pumpkin, vanilla, and peanut butter in a blender and put into the cup.  Freeze and that is it!  You can also use fun molds and make a bunch of treats if you choose but I thought it would be different to use the cups.  Having a doggie birthday party?  These would be great for all the furry party guests :-).  Try this recipe and be sure to let me know how your fur baby loved them :-).  Looking for something healthy to eat yourself, this can be made for you as well.  Get some sugar free ice cream and use this as the topping, use as a spread for crackers, or make as a shake!  Just a few ideas!
Pumpkin Pup Cup | www.twoadorablelabs.com
Looking for more dog treat recipes and 1 cat recipe, check out my posts here:


Pumpkin Pup Cup | www.twoadorablelabs.com

Pumpkin Pup Cups

Loads of pumpkin, bananas, vanilla, and peanut butter all in one cup for your pup!
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Course: Dog Treats
Keyword: Pumpkin, banana, vanilla, peanut butter
Author: Two Adorable Labs


  • Blender
  • Spoon
  • Paper Cups


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 2 tbsp sugar free peanut butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 29 oz can of pureed pumpkin
  • 4 9 fl oz paper cups


  • In a blender, add bananas, pumpkin, vanilla, peanut butter and blend well
  • Pour or spoon into paper cups and freeze until frozen
  • Serve in cup or out of cup on a plate

I love hearing from all of you and do my best to respond to each and every one of you.  I always enjoy your comments, feedback, and suggestions so keep them coming!  If I’ve posted a recipe (for our human and our furry friends) and you try it, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @twoadorablelabs and use #twoadorablelabs​.

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  1. Carla D Evans

    Love all the ideas for pup cups! What a fun great way to show them they are loved❤

    • Bobbi

      Thank you. Yes, they are loved for sure 🙂

  2. Sharon

    Gus wants to try the pumpkin pup cups. Pumpkin is his favorite and peanut butter too! Like the easy recipes. Thanks!

    • Two Adorable Labs

      Awh Gus! You deserve a pumpkin pup cup! :-). Let us know how you like our recipe!

  3. Dana

    I would love a pup cup just like this recipe. But mom was a bad human and left the peanut butter out on the counter. I thought she left it out there for me. I was wrong. She was mad that I ate the whole jar!
    Missy the GSD puppy
    Aka Missy the Monster
    AKA The APE (A**hole Pillow Eater)

    • Two Adorable Labs

      Oh no Missy! I guess mom has to go back to the store and buy more peanut butter :-). These pup cups are Jake And Maggie approved! You will love them!


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