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Oct 11, 2022 | Halloween, Maggie Lane Designs, Tablescapes

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’m so excited to show you my Pumpkins And Skulls Table this year!  It’s a little bit of spooky, fun, whimsical, shimmery, and striking with the orange and black together.  I used these dinner plates that I found at Home Goods in my Skulls And Spiders Table and included pieces that I’ve purchased over the years and more recent including these oh so cute miniature skull candles I found at TJMaxx in Steubenville, OH!  You guys, I think this is the my favorite TJMaxx!  They always have the best selection of everything and the staff is always so friendly and helpful.
I’ve always wanted to take night photos of my table and this was the perfect table to do that with.  I’ve mixed in some evening and night photos with three short videos for you to enjoy.  And of course, my two sweet noses Jake and Maggie who are always by my side.  Check out my table and let me know what you think!

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree For Halloween:

As you know I love going on the hunt for pieces I can incorporate into my table displays!  I have been wanting to decorate a Christmas tree as the centerpiece and found this solid black one at Walmart.  I loved the buffalo check pattern which will go nicely with my Christmas and Valentine’s Day decor.  I picked up this “It’s Fall Ya’ll” wooden strand of beads, some velvet pumpkins in white at Walmart, and orange velvet pumpkins and pine cones in Franklin, MO at Ashely Designs.  I used some gold paint I bought at JoAnn Fabrics and with a small brush, painted the tips and edges of the pine cone to give them a glittery look.  Then I just worked my way around the tree placing pumpkins and pine cones where I thought they would look right and proportioned to the size of the tree.  I draped the beads around the tree for some extra color and dimension.  

Another way to decorate this tree would be to use flowers, berries, ribbon, dried fruit, and cinnamon sticks!  Pinterest has some great ideas on decorating small trees.

How to add ambiance to the table:

Here is where my candles come into play.  My candle sticks were purchased a few years ago at Kirklands.  The candles are vintage from Mr. TAL’s mother and provide a high flickering light while these fun miniature skull face candles from TJMaxx provide a low shimmering light against the table decor.  They are perfect as they come in a box of 8 with metal containers to catch the wax.  I intertwined these candles throughout the table making sure the flame could not touch anything else and cause a fire.  

Depending on how long your table is, you could lay down greenery, place pumpkins in between the leaves, and place candles inside the pumpkins or containers to add flickering light.  

How to layer your place settings:

I used two different placemats for this look.  The round placemat was purchased at Home Goods last year and is a mix of black cloth with a shimmery gold thread in a striped pattern.  It is very subtle so not to overwhelm the table.  I thought it picked up the gold in the tablecloth I purchased from Big Lots.  This tablecloth was only $5.99 and has shimmery skull heads to match my accent skull heads.  It has a sheer background which worked nicely with my cream table.  I then added the felt leaf pattern that I bought from the Dollar General over top and finished the look with my dinnerware.  I think it looks great because they are two different patterns and they add texture to the table and pick up on the colors in the dinner plate.  You can see the shape of the leaf easily as well.

Adding fun elements to any table:

I always enjoy a table with fun elements like these miniature skull candles, something sweet in the shape of the decor like my shimmery orange pumpkin cookies (purchased at Shop N Save), and something that raises a question!  If you notice, I placed my silverware in gold to match my plates and given to me as a Christmas gift from my parents years ago on top of these small skull dishes or appetizer plates if you want to call them.  I purchased those at Home Goods a few years ago.  Why you ask?  Well, sometimes people do not like laying their silverware directly on a table and would prefer a dish or napkin so that’s why I set up the table as I did :-).

Rather than putting candy in a bowl for everyone to grab, I chose to use these beautiful crystal glasses I purchased at a garage sale years ago and filled them with candy corn for individual treats.  I then set out four black wine glasses I found at Dollar General and gold and black flute glasses I purchased at TJMaxx so that I could give my guests choices of drink.  I made a punch, provided beer, wine, pop, and water for them to choose from.  

The black mugs are sitting on top of an appetizer plate but look like they came together as a set.  The mugs were purchased at Big Lots while the appetizer plates were purchased at Home Goods.  I thought this was a fun way to serve up coffee or tea at the end of the meal with a fall dessert.  

Paper or cloth napkins:

How about these adorable pumpkin napkin rings in a felt material with beaded stems!  Are they not cute or what?  I purchased them at Home Goods and found the orange cloth napkins at TJMaxx in a solid pattern with a decorative edge.  I love using cloth napkins but always have matching paper napkins either on the table or near by.  You never know when you or your guests will need one or two.  Depending on how large the table is, I add a stack at each end of the table.  I have also used cloth napkins for display and put a paper napkin under the silverware at each place setting.

As I type this I realize I completely forgot my pumpkin salt and pepper shakers!  Sorry about that!  Next time :-). I hope you enjoyed my table and it gave you some ideas for yours.

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Maggie and Jake

They wanted the cookies sitting on the table.  This is the look I got when I said no.  LOL

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    • Two Adorable Labs

      Thank you!!!!

  1. Sharon

    You are right! Spooky and fun! I have my black crow and pumpkin theme going on here!

    • Two Adorable Labs

      Oh such a good idea…pumpkins and crows for next year’s themed table :-).

  2. Sandra Benick

    I absolved your pumpkin and skull table! Spooky and whimsical! Loved the color scheme of orange and black with the gold tying it all together. Great creativity with the double placemat look! Great job as always!

    • Two Adorable Labs

      Thank you! Thank you! This table is one of my favorites. It was so fun to pull together.

  3. Barbara Bolduc

    Thank you for reposting no I didn’t catch it before. It beautiful! Who would of thought of having a Christmas tree in the center. It’s decorated so cute! And I love your plates! Everything flows so well together as per usual. You sure have the Midas touch Bobbi Jo! Thank you so much for sharing all you creative knowledge with all of us! Yes your right your table scapes are truly my favorite!

    • Two Adorable Labs

      Awh thank you so much! I hope the videos worked for you. I think I’ll be using that tree many more times! Maybe I’ll accent those plates next year with the color purple!


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