The Ultimate Gift Guide For Pet Parents

Dec 2, 2022 | Pets, Products

Happy Saturday everyone!  I’m so excited to share The Ultimate Gift Guide For Pet Parents.  Today’s post contains affiliate links, photos, post links, and ideas on what to get that pet lover in your life.  Not only can this guide help you with ideas for that special someone, it can help you with finding just the right gift for your fur baby!  

I’ve researched and tried many products over the years.  My sister and I grew up working on a farm and had many animals of our own including two horses, three ponies, two baby calves, two ducks, and many stray dogs and cats over the years.  I adopted my first shelter dog at age 22 and he quickly became the love of my life.  Let me tell you how quick…it was the minute I saw his sweet face looking at me from his cage at the shelter.  His eyes pleaded for me to take him and I did just that!  Now that I’m running Two Adorable Labs blog, I’m happy to share my knowledge and suggestions for the perfect gift.
Ultimate Gift Guide For Pet Parents |

Vacuums For Pet Owners:

I put this post together after trying all four of these vacuums.
My Top Four Vacuums For Pet Hair –

Roborock Q5+ Vacuum –

– 7-Weeks of Hands-Free Cleaning: The Self-Empty Dock automatically empties the Q5’s dustbin after each cleanup, so you don’t have to do it manually or frequently. Its 2.5L dust bag can hold up to 7 weeks of dirt.

– Clean Smarter with PreciSense LiDAR Navigation: Extremely accurate LiDAR navigation creates precise maps that can even be viewed in 3D. You can also add furniture and floor materials to recreate your home virtually.

– Clean Harder with Powerful 2700 Pa Suction: With an incredible maximum suction power of 2700 Pa, the Q5 easily lifts debris and pet hair from floors and drags it out from deep inside carpets.

– Clean Better with the Multi-Plane Floating Main Brush: A multi-plane floating brush keeps the brush closer to the ground for deeper cleaning, even on uneven surfaces. It is strongly resistant to hair tangles and perfect for homes with pets.

Keeps Going for Longer: Powered by high-capacity battery and a 470 ml dustbin, you get long lasting cleaning that can easily tackle most homes in one clean.

Bissell Spot Cleaner –
I used this when we were in Missouri and it was wonderful. We had three older dogs at the time and when they passed we got Jake And Maggie. It came in handy and I loved it.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Pet Parents |

Washable Rugs

Tumble Washable Rug –
Get $20 off your Tumble order with code MELISSATMBL203 from The Proud Dog Mom Blog

I do not own one but it’s been all over Instagram and seems the rage. I normally buy my rugs at Walmart, wash them to death until they fall apart and then throw them away only to buy the same rugs over again. I just might invest in a Tumble Washable Rug.

Spillproof – When liquid hits these rugs, it simply beads up (instead of soaking into the fibers). Just grab your paper towel and wipe away puppy pee accidents, doggy drool, or spilled drinks. This is a real game-changer!
Machine Washable – These rugs are heavy enough to impress, but also lightweight enough to fit into your washer. (Yes, even the largest 8’x10′ will fit into a washing machine.)
Stylish Design Options – No matter your home decor style, Tumble will have a design for you!
Comfy to Walk On – Each machine-washable rug comes with a pad, which helps to hold the rug in place. It provides a cushy foam layer, rubberized (Velcro-free) non-slip surfaces, and a puzzle-piece design that makes cleaning and assembly a breeze.
Free of Harmful Chemicals – Making these rugs perfect for pets and kids.


Pura Smart Diffusers –
Use code MELISSAC15 for 15% off your order from The Proud Dog Mom Blog

People love Pura because their fragrances are both pet-safe and kid-safe. Unlike many plug-ins, Pura’s fragrances are created without acetaldehyde, diclorobenzene, ethylhexanol, formaldehyde, GMOs, methyl pyrrolidone, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, styrene, or animal testing.

It is recommend getting the Pura device and two fragrances (since the device holds up to two fragrances). Your gift receiver will download the Pura app and have full control right from their phone. They will:

Control Pura from anywhere with their app
Create custom schedules. 
Use away mode to automatically switch your Pura off when you’re not there.
Adjust fragrance intensity right from the app.
Activate the LED wheel, and customize their light color with the color wheel.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Pet Parents |

Cookbooks for Pet Lovers

Proud Dog Chef: Tail-Wagging Good Treat Recipes
Filled with 60 gluten-free, grain-free, and dog-approved recipes that are bound to make even the pickiest dog’s tail wag. With careful attention to nutrition, Proud Dog Chef was written for the dog parent who is ready to leave behind questionable ingredients and red-flag preservatives — because our dogs deserve it. This book is filled with various types of treats: Biscuits, jerky, soft chews, meat-based treats, frozen snacks, and the list goes on. So, there’s something in here for all dogs.

See my dog treat post Strawberry Flavored Dog Treats where I used the Proud Dog Chef Cookbook –

Dash Bone Waffle Iron –

This one is for the dog parent who loves to whip up homemade treats. Dash makes an adorable bone-shaped waffle iron, which makes up to 8 dog bone-shaped treats at a time. Whip up your batter and let your dog enjoy fresh treats in minutes. Inside the box, you’ll find a little booklet filled with recipes. Try those, or make up your own creations! This would be a great gift along with the Proud Dog Chef cookbook.

Dog Wine Charms –

How about these magnetic wine charms for the dog-loving wine drinkers in your life? They simply cling to the side of a wine glass, helping to identify which glass belongs to which guest. These charms come in a set of six and are super affordable. They’re less than $20! This would make a great secret Santa or stocking stuffer gift.

Paw Charcuterie Board –

Know a dog parent who loves to host? In a world that’s obsessed with all types of boards (meat and cheese board, butter board, frosting board, and the list goes on), this paw-shaped serving platter is an affordable and thoughtful idea. This bamboo board measures 11″ x 10″ and comes with four matching spreaders (3 assorted cheese knives and 1 fork).

See my posts advertising Ava’s Pet Palace Treats.  Jake And Maggie LOVE these small batch, homemade treats by Ava!
Holiday Barkuterie Board Using Avas Pet Palace Treats-

Make A Barkuteria Board For Your Pet –

Use Code “2labs” for 20% off your order at Ava’s Pet Palace.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Pet Parents |

Dog Bows, Bandanas, Ties, Poop Bags

The Pampered
Use code “2labs” for 10% off your order

The Pampered Pooches has beautiful, well made designs. She has matching collar sets along with poop bags to match.  I have been ordering from The Pampered Pooches for almost two years now and have quite the collection for Jake And Maggie. Maggie gets the sailor bow and Jake gets the matching bow tie.

DNA Test

Embark DNA Test –

As dog parents, we want to know everything about our canine family members. And, one of the best ways to do that is with a dog DNA test. Here’s the thing: Dog DNA tests aren’t only useful for discovering your dog’s breed mix. A good dog DNA test also uncovers genetic health risks your dog might have … or your dog’s carrier status for a health condition. With these health insights, you can work with your local veterinarian to personalize your dog’s care and medical plan. Embark tests for 215+ genetic health risks that can affect many breeds, and that list is always growing. Embark is one of the most trusted dog DNA testing companies, and one of their tests would make a unique gift for dog parents of pure-breed or mix-breed dogs.


Dog Treats

Puppy Paws Coffee
Use code “2labs” for 10% off your order

Let me tell you that these treats are definitely Two Adorable Labs approved! Jake And Maggie go nuts over these treats. Not only can I order dog treats, I can order their very delicious coffee and teas. Trust me, once you place an order with Puppy Paws Coffee, you will fall in love. Every cup supports a pup!  Check out their store.  So much to offer!

Ultimate Gift Guide For Pet Parents |

Dog Toys

Wicked Bone –

It’s an automated dog toy that you control from your phone. The electronic bone can spin, roll, and so much more. Let your dog chase after it for an interactive play session.

Lick Mat –

Looking for ways to entertain your pooch while taking Zoom meetings? Or maybe you’re in search of a healthy stress-relieving outlet for those times your pup seems a little on edge. Either way, I’ve got just the thing: A lick mat! A lick mat is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a flexible mat made from food-grade rubber that features shallow ridges and grooves. Using a butter knife, the back of a spoon, or even your fingers, you fill the grooves with soft/pureed food. The unique design encourages dogs to lick, lick, and lick some more … until every ounce of goodness has vanished from their mat. These mats are a stress reliever, boredom buster, slow feeder, training aid, and the list of benefits goes on. 

Toozey Heating Pads For Pets –

They make a heating pad specifically for pets. Here are some key features of the top-rated Toozey heating pad for pets:

Controlling the temperature of electric dog heating pad with the LED controller, it can adjust the temperature easily with 6 temperature settings ( 86-131℉/30-55℃) to accommodate your pets.

The electric pads for cats with timer function provide auto shut-off range from 4 to 24 hours, conserve energy and prevent burns caused by excessive heating. The timer LED will be shifted down one level to tell you how much time is left.

7-layer protective structure with UL-certified heating wire protect pets from burns. Soft PVC envelope with waterproof and flame-retardant function. Built-in intelligent temperature sensor in the heating pad to prevent overheating to protect pets. Don’t let your pets lay on the pet heating pad without a plush cover.

Protect pets from chewing wires with dual resistant cord protection to ensure safety. Ultra-soft, machine-washable cover for comfort and convenience. If the inner pad becomes dirty, you just need to wipe the inner pad with a damp cloth instead of soaking it in water.

Toozey pet heating pad can warm newborn pets, pregnant pets and ease joint pressure and pain of older, arthritic animals. It has applications beyond the winter months.

Pet Steps –

I bought a set for Jake because he doesn’t jump; never has! This helps him get off and on the bed with ease.

Agility Course For Dogs –

If you have an energetic pup who thrives when learning new tricks then an at-home agility set is the perfect gift. No yard space? No problem! Set it up and play inside.

Check out my posts on the dogs birthday parties, how to plan a party, and the fun activities I planned.

Jake and Maggie’s 3rd Birthday Party With Friends –

Puppy Party Ideas –

Ultimate Gift Guide For Pet Parents |

Want more gift ideas for pet parents and their fur babies!

Wine glasses engraved with you and your pet’s name or face –

Paw print jewelry –

Paw print molds for baking doggie cakes –

Matching Christmas pajamas for you and your pet –

Furbo 360 Dog Camera –

Security stickers that tell first responders your dog is in the house –

First aid kit for your dog –




Ultimate Gift Guide For Pet Parents |

I’m Bobbi Jo, a lab-lover who took my passion for animals and dogs and turned it into something bigger.  When I adopted Jake and Maggie, my love for them became the driving force behind Two Adorable Labs, and my blog was born.  My hope is to not only share them with the world, but to help educate others on the importance of animal health and well-being. 

I love hearing from all of you and do my best to respond to each and every one of you.  I always enjoy your comments, feedback, and suggestions so keep them coming!  If I’ve posted a recipe (for our human and our furry friends) and you try it, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @twoadorablelabs and use #twoadorablelabs​.

If you do try and love my recipes, I would greatly appreciate a comment and rating.  I read every single one and respond to them.  It also lets Google know that the website contains quality content.  The more comments and 5-star ratings, the more Google will show my blog in search results!  Thank you so much! 

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