13 Ways To Keep Your House Clean With A Pet

May 6, 2019 | Pets, Tips and Tricks

This is a re-post with a much needed photo update as well.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  So I’m walking through the house this morning thinking about how badly my hardwood floors need waxed and thought I’d do a post on cleaning your house with pets.  Update:  I no longer wax my floors but clean with them 4 parts water and 2 parts cleaning vinegar.  This eliminates the wax build up and keeps them not only smelling clean but eliminates smudge marks.  I bought a hand held vacuum made by Black and Decker at Walmart for $50.00 (see My Top Four Vacuums For Pet Hair post) and it’s been the best tool for cleaning our steps.  We have hardwood on our steps where the dogs love to play and let’s just say, we have a few hair balls on a daily basis :-(.



  • Keep your pets clean – Keep them groomed on a regular basis.  Make sure they are contained in an area to wipe them off after going outside before allowing them to run free in your home.  Update:  Pogis Wipes from Chewy.com – I’ve used these wipes for quite awhile now and love them.  I also keep a pack in our vehicles incase I need them.  
  • Upgrade your sofa – The wrong material can act like a hair magnet, hold smelly odors, and show stains easier.  When looking for furniture for our new house, I wanted a lighter fabric but thought about having a chocolate and black lab and went with something darker.  If you can’t spring for a new couch or are not in the market for one at the time, use blankets and throws to cover your couch so they can be changed and washed frequently.
  • Buy a quality vacuum – When we bought our vacuum, the first thing I said was…we have two Labrador retrievers and I need something that will grab the hair and have a good filter.  Note:  See my top four vacuum posts above.
  • Set up a dog cleaning station – Thomas and I are talking about building another garage and if we do, we are putting in a pet washing station!!!  But, not everyone wants a pet laundry station, so creating a space to keep fresh towels and wipes for cleaning your pet will help.
  • Clean your pets things – I wash all the dog beds and blankets on a regular basis.  Note:  I use Tide Free and Clear with no dyes or chemicals.  I also wash all of their toys and even their Nyla Bones.  I read that if you allow your dog items to dry in the sun, it will also help with eliminating odors.  Update:  I’ve washed all of Jake and Maggie’s Nyla Bones in the dishwasher several times now and they are holding up just fine.  No odors and the dogs still enjoy them.  Just remember not to use any dish soaps or detergents.  I clean only with hot water and the steam cycle.
  • Raid your cupboards to fight bad odors – If your not interested in buying chemical treated cleaning products, use natural products found in your kitchen.  For furniture and upholstery that isn’t easy to clean, a light spritzing of vodka will help remove odors. Baking soda is also great at neutralizing odors; you can shake over rugs and carpets before vacuuming or leave pots of it in offending areas to absorb odors. Vinegar is also perfect for removing bad smells; use it when washing toys and beds.
  • React quickly to accidents – Let’s face it…pets have accidents.  As soon as ours do, I jump up and take action.  I’ve used Woolite for Pets, Resolve with Oxyclean, and even baking soda and vinegar.  Note:  I clean up the mess, spray with vinegar, layer with baking soda and wait until the baking soda is dry. Then I vacuum up.  
  • Buy a sensible dog bed – Buy one that is water resistant that you can wipe down once a week.  I also cover mine with blankets.  I’ve also thrown the whole bed in the washer on the bedding cycle and hung out to dry.
  • Air out your house – Open up your windows and doors and let the fresh air in.  Even 10 minutes in the winter can help keep odors at bay.
  • Burn candles, essential oils, simmer spices, and charcoal – if you have a pet that is sensitive to chemicals, you can find a more natural approach by burning Beeswax or Soy candles, putting essential oils in a spray bottle, simmer spices on the stove, or use Charcoal which absorbs odors with a product like the Moso Natural Air Purifying bag, which contains sustainably sourced bamboo charcoal.
  • Use a lint brush – use a lint brush to roll over pillows, pads on chairs, furniture and even your clothes and coats to collect pet hair.  For more information, check out my previous post on How To Remove Pet Hair for a great tool for your vehicle!
  • Use a Swiffer – Swiffer makes all kinds of cleaning products to help with dust and dander.
  • Use rubber shoe trays – If you have a messy eater or a dog that dribbles when they drink, use a black rubbermaid shoe tray under your pet’s food and water dishes.  I have used these for years and it really helps to collect food and water left behind by your pet.  Note:  I bought mine at Walmart, At Home Store, and Cabella’s.

I would be interested in hearing about your cleaning tips and how they have worked for you.  I’m always up for trying new cleaning techniques!  Comment below and let me know!  And as always, if you are interested in a topic and want more information, send me an email or comment in the comment section. I would be happy to do the research and create a blog post for you!


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