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Dec 16, 2019 | Pets, Products

I have been racking my brain over Jake and Maggie and their incessive licking of their paws and how to fix it.  I’ve tried Benadryl, Coconut Oil, and Cortizone 10.  I’ve been told by one vet that they have allergies to grass and another vet that they have allergies to food!  Here are my findings and recommendations:

Jake and Maggie got new bows and ties from ThePamperedPooches!

I got Jake and Maggie matching bow ties and flowers for Thanksgiving and Christmas from ThePamperedPooches.  The quality is fantastic and the style is adorable.  I can’t wait to order more!!!!  Find them on Instagram @thepamperedpooches. Find us on Instagram @twoadorablelabs for more photos!

When your pet is going through something, you want to fix it and with Jake and Maggie possibly allergic to grass, I wondered if we were not properly cleaning off their paws after being outside.  So I got on the web and did a search for the Top 10 All Natural Pet Wipes.  Then I got onto Amazon to find Pogis Grooming Wipes.  I liked what I read and placed my order.  Another thing I like about Amazon is that by logging on to https://smile.amazon.com, you can donate to your favorite charity.  When you log on, you have the option of finding a charity and designating that charity to get a portion of the sales without you doing anything other than making your purchase.  You can log on to see how much the charity has received based on your purchases and sales.  I chose Joeys Paw which is a non-profit who helps animals in need of wheelchairs and prosthetics.
In one of my discussions with a vet and his vet tech, they recommended Desenex which is an anti fungal powder that relieves itching and burning.  This helps absorb the moisture from licking their paws prohibiting the onset of a yeast infection.  It is safe for your pet incase he or she licks it off after putting it on.  You can buy it right off the shelf at Walmart which is where I got mine.  I’m not sure if the Desenex really worked or not because as soon as I put it on their paws, they immediately licked it off.  So my trick was…as soon as we went to bed and they laid down for the night, as I was kissing them goodnight, I quickly put the powder on and then made a big deal about them being good boys and girls.  As soon as the lights went out, they fell asleep…so no licking!
Pogi’s Grooming Wipes – Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes for Dogs & Cats – Plant-Based, Earth-Friendly, Deodorizing Dog Wipes
  • Conditioning Ingredients – Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi help clean, freshen and condition while giving the coat a healthy shine. Perfect for wiping away dirt and odor from paws, bodies, and bums in between baths.
  • Large Pet Wipes (8 x 9 inches) – Our quilted dog wipes are made big enough for even the largest dogs, and thick enough for the heaviest coats.
    Earth-Friendly – Made with 100% sustainably harvested bamboo fiber.
  • Hypoallergenic – Completely free of parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals.
  • Super Pack – 100 Unscented Fresh Wipes for Dogs – 1 Month Supply
We have been using these wipes for about a week now and I’ve noticed the dogs are licking less.  I’m also alternating between Benadryl and Desenex but things seem to be calming down now.  Plus I can really see the dirt coming off on to the wipes and I know my floors are cleaner!  I bought an air tight container at Walmart that has the locks on each side of the container and stored the pack of wipes inside.  Now they are easy to get to and will not dry up.  I created a drawer in our kitchen that is strictly for Jake and Maggie.  In that cabinet holds their flea and tick medicine, heart worm medicine, poop bags, Benadryl, Cortizone 10, any prescription ointments or meds they need, and a tablet and pen to make any notes I need to remember for giving them medications.  I also write down the date on each box and container of when I gave the meds to them.  This helps me keep everything organized and on a schedule.
We have already changed their food and treats a while back by putting them on Stella and Chewy’s raw coated kibble and their treats are organic carrots, berries, and frozen green beans.  The only thing is that they might have developed an allergy to the chicken in the dog food.  I bought beef flavored today and we will see if that is it or not!  Any other treats they may get are wheat and grain free!  

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  1. Carla

    They look adorable in their tie and bow! So glad u found something for their licking…. poor babies????

    • Bobbi

      Thank you! Yep, I wasn’t giving up!!


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