8 Ways To Get Your Kitchen Ready For Thanksgiving

Nov 19, 2020 | Holiday, Maggie Lane Designs

Happy Friday everyone!  We are one week away from Thanksgiving and I hope you are getting excited!  I know I am!  My sister always cooks and let me tell you, the meal is delicious!  She called today as I was cleaning out our refrigerator to say she is making my mother’s rainbow punch (I’m including this recipe in my last cookbook of desserts and sweet drinks) and it got me thinking about how much preparation goes into making Thanksgiving dinner!  We make our lists, try to get to the grocery store before everything is picked over, buy what we can early, clean, preparation, and then go back to the grocery store to purchase items we forgot or couldn’t buy now!  Then it’s a full day of cooking, eating, and cleanup!  Here are 8 Ways To Get Your Kitchen Ready For Thanksgiving Dinner!  
8 Ways To Help Prepare Your Kitchen For Thanksgiving
1.  Sharpen your knives – I have to admit that I’ve never thought of doing this ahead of time.  I admit I’m that person who grabs a dull knife and uses it or I’m throwing everything down to hurry and sharpen the blade so I can use it.  Dull knives are very dangerous as well.  Sharpening your knives should be done twice a year, preferably by a professional, and can make slicing veggies and meats easy.   
2.  Pull out all the utensils you think you will need to cook your meal – We have all heard of meal prep but what about utensil prep?  Pull out the measuring cups, turkey baster, carving knives, spoons, bowls, platters, etc that you think you will need or are always using.  This will make life easier.  Make a list ahead of time of things you think you will need and don’t have so that when you get to the store, you don’t forget anything.  
3.  Set your table and wash all dishes, platters, and linens you will be using – Especially if you only use these items once a year, they could get a bit dusty.  There is nothing more gross than to serve a beautiful meal on a caked on food platter.  Make sure everything is sparkling before your guests arrive.
4.  Plan for leftovers – A bit of extra foil, plastic wrap, parchment and waxed paper and zipper lock bags will come in handy. I always buy a few new packages of containers to easily store leftovers or to send home with guests.  I just found a pack of 20 decorative cardboard containers at TJMaxx for when I host Christmas.  They will make great cookie containers for everyone to pick their favorite cookie to take home and enjoy with coffee the next morning!  
8 Ways To Help You Prepare Your Kitchen For Thanksgiving
5.  Take inventory of your pantry and spices – The three spaces I check every year are my mudroom pantry, lazy suzan, and my spice drawer to make sure I have everything I need, that everything is accessible and within reach, and my spices are filled.  There is nothing worse than planning a recipe only to find out you are missing spices!
6.  Clean out refrigerator and freezer – As I was saying earlier, I did this today.  Take everything out of your refrigerator and freezer and wipe it out using Dawn dish soap and warm water.  Granted I still have time but I knew I had several containers in the freezer from when I created the cookbook that needed either thrown away or thawed out for tomorrow’s dinner.  Make sure you have everything organized, within reach, and your refrigerator is clean.  Buying storage containers that fit nicely such as an egg holder, ice box, seal tight container for lettuce, etc.  Check all expiration dates of jellies, jams, creamers, etc.  Throw out items that look questionable.  Add a box of baking soda in your frig and don’t forget to mark the date on it.  I change mine out every 5 months.
7.  Clean dishwasher, oven, and sink – My double ovens have a self clean option to them but I love mixing up a DIY non toxic mixture together to form a thick paste. I spread it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe down using warm water.  All you need is baking soda, coarse salt, liquid dish soap, and a sponge.  Check out this blog I found called https://hellonest.co/natural-oven-cleaner/ on how to property clean your oven.  As for my dishwasher, I add 1 cup of vinegar to the top rack and run it on the normal cycle.  This helps with soap buildup and caked on food.  If you are smelling a stinky, musty odor coming from your sink drains, add a cup of vinegar to each drain, 1 cup of baking soda to each drain and let sit for 2 hours.  Run hot water in both drains for a few minutes and this should eliminate the odor.  If you like the smell of lemon, add a few drops of lemon oil to your sink drain.
8.  Have your recipes in order – Have your recipes in order and placed in a space where you can properly read them and they are not getting in the way.  Have them organized as to how you will be cooking.  If you are baking a pie first and want it done and cooled, put your pie recipe as the first recipe of the day.
8 Ways To Help Prepare Your Kitchen For Thanksgiving

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  1. Rochelle Lilly

    I am late reading how to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. I will be sure to do for next year. Many good tips for storage of leftovers. Also clean appliances before hand. As well as utensils that you may use! Can’t wait for the Christmas tips! Also I will have to try the white chocolate oreos! Neat gift idea! Thank you, Bobbie Jo!

    • Bobbi

      Thank you! If you try the Oreos, let me know how they turned out!


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