Doses of cuteness (Part 2)…

Oct 4, 2017 | Pet Health, Pets

This is a re-post from 2017 when I put out my “Doses of Cuteness” series sharing pictures of Jake And Maggie as puppies.  As I go back through my old posts, I see the series is very much in need of an update.  In Part 2, I’m keeping these adorable photos but document some of our accomplishments along the way plus some Happy Birthday posts :-). 

Sleepy puppies

This is after a full morning of playtime running around the house.  Their schedule was getting up at 6:00 am to go outside, eating breakfast, and then playing for a solid 3 hours, taking a nap and then going again!  

I love celebrating birthdays and the pups birthdays are no different.  I searched Pinterest, Walmart, and Amazon to find puppy birthday party ideas and themed items for their party.  I made a homemade birthday pupcake, made doggie treat bags to go, tons of food for our human friends and invited all of their doggie friends.  It was a great day for all!

Looking for puppy party ideas, how to make a pup cake, and all the photos from their parties, check out my posts here:

How To Make A Pup Cake

Puppy Party Ideas

Jake and Maggie’s Third Birthday Party With Friends

Happy Birthday Jake And Maggie

Look at those big paws!

Jake was my little chocolate chip and now I call him my chocolate chunk!  I could tell by his paws he was going to be a big boy.  Maggie on the other hand is more petite.

I started this blog in WordPress using their free options but after almost 3 years of blogging, I was ready to hire a professional to update my site, create a logo, and help me with my branding.  Don’t get me wrong! is a great resource for creating websites but at this point, I was wanting to turn my blog into a business.  

I found Kayla Piepkow from Dox Design who helped me bring my vision to life and transition my website to what you see now!  Her and her team were amazing and enjoyed every minute of the process.  It was a great learning experience for me.  As she expanded into more of the marketing and branding side, she introduced me to Carrie Kuhl of UpFrame Creative who now manages my site.  Carrie and her team are wonderful and I hope to be scheduling more marketing related projects very soon!

My blog had slowly been growing into what my vision was for it.  I not only had a number of pet related health topics, pet product posts, my subscribers were growing, and I was making friendships in the blogging and pet world.  I’ve done a number of campaigns, am a huge supporter of small businesses, and am involved in different charities like Joey’s P.A.W.

I had UpFrame Creative create my “Small Businesses” tap where I highlight those businesses, campaigns I’ve worked on, and discount codes should you make a purchase through one of these businesses.

Supporting Small Business

If you would like to work with me, check out my Work With Me page and Download my media kit.  I have to admit, this has gotten put to the end of the list but it needs updated.  My numbers have gone up since this was created.  Another item to put on the list!

If you are like me, your mind is always going.  Do you love making lists?  I love my lists and they keep me organized.  Do you make “bucket lists” for travel, future ideas, and “every day lists” for everyday items like grocery shopping, oil changes, etc.  I find the best “to-do” tablets are in the checkout isles at TJMaxx.  Sometimes they even come with a decorative pen to use :-). I love them so much that I’m currently designing my own tablets to sell on the Two Adorable Labs Store!

Yes, we have our own store!  Check it out

Speaking of lists, this is what I along with Jake And Maggie have accomplished over the last few years!

How To Navigate My Website

Two Adorable Labs (TAL) Accomplishments 2020

Sit, Stay, Eat Cookbook Is Now Available

Two Adorable Labs Announces New Line Of Soy Candles

And if you haven’t already noticed, I like organization.  I not only talk about animal health, I post on about everything I love and I love being organized.  Lately I’ve been posting about one of hobbies of refinishing furniture.  Check out my current posts under Maggie Lane Designs

4 Easy Steps To Help Get Organized

Thank you so much for your support!  You guys are the best and I hope you enjoyed pictures of Jake And Maggie as pups!  

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  1. Barbara Bolduc

    Hard to believe they were once that little. It’s fun to look back and reflect on the puppy days. You have 2 beautiful fur babies….continue to enjoy! ????❤️????

    • Bobbi

      Awh thank you! They are our world.


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