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Nov 20, 2023 | Holiday, Maggie Lane Designs

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It’s Turkey Day tomorrow and I know some of you are heading out for the Black Friday Deals on Friday.  Last year I put together a large list of deals and places to shop (See Black Friday Sales).  I got a good many emails thanking me for the post so I thought I’d put together another one for this year!  If you are a fan of buying from small businesses, you will like these posts.  I love supporting small businesses and even have some discount codes you can apply at checkout.
*I tried to include as many links as I could to make it easier for you to shop.
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October and November have been busy months for us.  We are working on three big projects which I will be able to talk about in the next few months or so.  We are now proud Ambassadors for Ava’s Pet Palace and Bark Bistro.  We spent an evening in Pittsburgh with my sister and brother-in-law attending a Murder Mystery Dinner at the Omni called The Dinner Detective.  Plus Mr. TAL and I have done some fun fall activities along with taking up painting!
Jake laying leaves Black Friday Deals |
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We decided to sign up for a Paint and Sip class at Painting With A Twist and enjoyed it so much that we decided to order some painting supplies, pick a painting from Pinterest to copy from (snowman) and have our own Paint and Sip at home.  We bought our favorite wines, made a cheese and cracker tray, turned on our favorite music, and painted while Jake and Maggie played around at our feet.  Of course, we got a little competitive and had to see whose painting was better so Mr. TAL created a website link and put both paintings up for vote.  The winner will be revealed on Friday.  If you are interested in voting or simply just viewing the paintings, log on to:
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If you are struggling to come up with ideas for Christmas, giving someone a gift certificate to a painting class or organizing a night out, is very thoughtful.  In previous years, I’ve put out posts on holiday gift ideas.  Check them out here if you like:
Maggie jumping Black Friday Deals
Along with the vendors and gift ideas I’ve put in my previous posts, listed below are a few more! – have ordered several bows and sailor bows for Jake and Maggie!  What a great product.  Very well made.  You will see Jake and Maggie wearing their bows in these photos! – I bought our mudroom chandeliers here and love them.  Perfect for the interior designer, home remodeler, and simply just getting ideas.  Very interactive with contractors and homemakers. – great ideas and prices on all home decor.  Beautiful holiday decor. – Everything is 25% off right now.  I bought a gorgeous painting last year for our hallway and love it.
VIDDA Jewelry – Use code BF30 for 30% off
Julie Vos Jewelry – Gorgeous jewelry for everyone
Purely Elizabeth – Organic granola and recipes.  Use code GRATEFUL for 25% off
Mini Pup Pumpkin Pies |  – Wanting to learn a different language?  Mr. TAL and I are currently using this to learn Spanish and plan on learning more languages.  It’s so easy and fun and offers a free version.  This is fun by yourself or with others. – I bought Mr. TAL a custom coffee mug for Father’s Day.  (  Great site for pet lovers!
Two Adorable Labs Supporting Small Business – for discount codes on pet treats, cookbooks, and coffee
*Puppy Paws Coffee Company – use code “2labs” for 10% off
*Grounds And Hounds Coffee Company – use code “2labs” for 10% off
*Two Adorable Labs Cookbook – Sit, Stay, Eat Cookbook now $12.00 until December 31st
(Free Shipping on all Domestic Orders $50.00 and over)
*Bark Bistro – – Click on link and use code “twoadorablelabs”.  Want to see how I’ve used their products, check out my posts here:
Ava's turkey poppers | Black Friday Deals – use code “twoadorablelabs” for free shipping at checkout.  Check out some of my campaigns with Ava’s Pet Palace! – made with local Kansas City Ingredients – great prices for gift wrap items – great site for gift wrap.  I’ve been using them for years.
Ava's turkey poppers | Black Friday Deals – Check them out.  I love their story, their mission, their passion – FurRescue Fashions was born out of a desire to help change the negative stereotypes that surround bully breeds, particularly pit bull-type dogs.  Their shop dog, Cielo, is believed to be a survivor of an illegal, backyard breeder situation where she was not only neglected but abused.  A shy, scared and anxious girl, she opened their eyes to the cruelty and discrimination these dogs face every single day.
I have this site open as we speak and will be making a purchase from them.  I’m a huge supporter of Adopt Don’t Shop and organizations like this.  I’ve done my share of volunteering at animals shelters and supporting pet charities over the years and it takes an incredible amount of hard word and dedication to keep them running and making sure the animals get a loving and forever home.  Jake and Maggie will be having a wonderful Christmas.  They have a stack of toys that I bought from TJMaxx waiting to be wrapped, new Christmas bows from Naughty Paws, and something special from FurRescue Fashions!
Mr. TAL and I, Jake and Maggie, wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Wishing you lots of love and joy.  I hope you enjoyed these links and posts and hope they helped you come up with some new gift ideas!
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